The best ever reward for our hard work is a happy customer. We are glad that our customers are satisfied with our Komfi machines and that suppliers view us as a good business partner.

Customers' references

The given references will tell you why our machines are so popular and our clients so satisfied with them.


We have been cooperating with KOMFI for almost 25 years. Komfi is our reliable supplier of single-purpose machines for the assembly of tantalum condensers. Dozens of measuring and packaging lines, multi-anode assembly lines, blanking presses, laser engravers and other machines by Komfi currently operate both in the Lanškroun AVX plant and in our affiliated plants abroad.

What we appreciate most about Komfi is professionalism, innovative technical solutions, flexibility and last but not least compliance with contractual deadlines.

Miroslav Vychyta, Technical Engineering Manager, AVX Czech Republic s.r.o.

KOMFI is our long-term supplier of single-purpose automatic assembly machines and jigs. It is a top-quality and flexible company with a highly qualified team of employees, who are creative and have always succeeded in turning our visions and ideas into a feasible solution that can meet the strictest conditions for use in the car industry.

The high quality of supplied equipment is supported by early delivery and compliance with the pre-arranged price.

Ing. Michal Janouškovec, director of company, TESLA Jihlava, s.r.o.

Suppliers' references

FESTO – supplier of pneumatic components

We have been collaborating with Komfi since 1995 and are the main partner for the supply of pneumatic elements for their products, both for batch production of laminating and varnishing machines and for single-purpose machines custom-made for a particular customer. Komfi is a producer of machinery with their own development and design and therefore due to our long-term mutual cooperation we participate in designing new machines (designs of pneumatic elements, etc.).

Komfi is a significant partner for us with whom we have established excellent professional collaboration. Komfi is a strong and innovative company that dedicates a lot of effort to the development of new products and features. Both of our companies aim to meet the demanding requests of final customers.

Ing. Václav Lacina, Marketing Manager