Special machines & assembly lines

Production of dedicated machines belongs to traditional activities of our company. We have long-term experience with development, designing and production of special machines which is supported by traditional engineering production within the region. We offer custom-made solutions in particular for companies operating in the fields of electrical engineering and automobile industry.

We offer special solutions in accordance with the demanding requirements and needs of the final customers. When designing a concept, we place strong emphasis on the correct layout of individual technological nodes. We always focus on the principal requirement of all customers to minimize built-up area and, at the same time, on the requirement of proper access for adjustment and setting of precise mechanisms. All mechanisms are designed for the “continuous operation” category.

We apply FMEA process analysis during construction. Experimental and theoretical tasks are performed within its application with the aim to reveal any critical points and to obtain new pieces of knowledge focused on the final technical design.
We closely cooperate with the final customer so that we can continuously incorporate joint visions and ideas into the final technical design in the course of construction of dedicated machines or production lines.

Dedicated machines and production lines are mostly controlled with PLC or PLC + PC systems. They are ready for communication with the master control system used by the final customer. The machines are fitted with a remote connection which allows quick diagnosing of machine condition or quick SW modification without the necessity of a visit of our technician.

We have significant experience with using the following technologies

Assembly and handling automatic machines
Manual assembly workstations
Robotic applications
Product printing
Measurements of (non)electric parameters
Laser marking and welding
Shaping and bending
Visual camera inspection

Handling equipment for processing of small items by various operations (reloading, loading, clamping, straightening, bending, etc.) is designed and manufactured for maximum precision and reliability with possibility of use
in plants with continuous operation. We choose handling using rotary tables and carousels or linear manipulators as required by technology. We use FESTO and SMC pneumatic cylinders or servomotors for control of manipulators. We purchase rolling guideways and rotary tables from renowned companies. The assembly lines have a modular design. Individual modules are mutually interconnected. It is very easy to add or remove a complete module in case of a change of technology or product.




We design and manufacture assembly workstations with manual product loading and unloading as required and needed by the customer. These special technological workstations are used above all for assemblies of smaller units.

The workstations are custom-made as requiredby the final customer with a focus on their typeof product. In case of a change of product shape or design, the workstation can be modified or reconstructed easily.


We use robots from renowned companies for special product handling.  Sorting and inserting products in more categories – e.g., in boxes, trays, blisters – is one of the applications. Removal of variously positioned products from conveyor belts or pallets represents another frequent application. The products are detected with an optical camera which assesses product position and guides the robot in the correct position for product removal and reloading.


Marking of “good products” as required by the customer is made after product assembly and inspection. The marking principle differs according to the product material and proved technology.


Our machines primarily use the following techniques

  • Inkjet printing
  • Pad printing
  • Laser description through a mask
  • Description laser
  • Cold punching

It is necessary to carry out product inspection by measuring as ordered by the customer.

The type of measurement differs depending on technological requirements for a specific product:

  • Measurements of electrical parameters (voltage, current, resistance, capacity, impedance, ESR,….)
  • Measurements of optical parameters (wave length, intensity, sensitivity)
  • Measurements of mechanical dimensions of shape and pitch (contact measurements, contactless measurements)
  • Measurements of force and torque
  • Measurements of revolutions and speed
  • Measurements of weight

We have developed a special four-point unit for measuring electrical parameters.

We carry out inspection with high voltage (1,000 V) to perform a breakdown or short-circuit between individual contacts for some special measurements, especially for measurements of connectors.


We supply equipment for welding contacts with different profiles on a bearing strip of different thickness.

We can design suitable welding technology or electrode shapes on the basis of:

  • Profile and cross section of the welded components
  • Type of welded material of individual components

We cooperate with renowned manufacturers of welding equipment on the selection of welding technology.

We propose and develop the shape and design of electrodes for resistance welding by ourselves.


We have long-term experience with technology for forming, bending and shearing. We design and produce custom-made forming and shearing mechanisms on the basis of specific requirements of the customer. When designing individual mechanisms, we carry out checking calculations on the basis of which the material, concept and design are selected. We design wearable components to ensure that they can be easily replaced and with an unambiguous and clearly defined assembly position.


We provide equipment and machinery with “visual camera inspection” according to technology requirements and the instructions of the customer.

We utilize camera systems for:

Contactless measurements :

  • pitch measurements
  • periphery measurements
  • code reading
  • assembly completeness inspection
  • product orientation on a conveyor belt or board
  • product position

Product inspection :

  • surface defects
  • cracks
  • detection of colours and shades